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Grade 7 & 8 Complementary Courses

Grade 7/8 Complementary Courses

Complementary or Career and Technology Foundational (CTF) Courses for grade 7 and 8 students are broken into two streams, CTF Core and CTF Full Day Friday.

CTF Core 

Grade 7 & 8 students rotate through  these courses throughout the year for a Quarter each (about 10 weeks).  

Food Basics

Food Basics is an introductory level CTF Foods course.  In Food Basics, students will acquire basic knowledge and skills related to cooking. Topics covered include, finding your way around the kitchen, tools and equipment, safety and sanitation in the kitchen, making food choices according to Canada’s Food Guide to Healthy Eating, and planning, preparing, and evaluating basic foods.

Environmental and Outdoor Education

Through teamwork and hands-on activities students will develop skills to safely and technically recreate outdoors. Units of study include: Leave No trace, navigation, shelter building, outdoor cooking and first aid. Coursework will be a combination of indoor and outdoor lessons. It is expected that students come to class prepared to be outside for every class. 

Construction Technology

Students will develop basic hand tool processes and learn design theory that will allow them to complete a simple wood box and other small projects. Introduction to the safe operation and use of some woodworking machines will also be done.  If time permits, students will be able to build on their knowledge to work on more advanced pre-approved wood projects.

MakerSpace and Design Thinking

Design, build and test your own project from start to finish in this challenging option with an emphasis on hands-on and high-tech. Choose from existing projects in robotics, programming, computer graphics, 3D printing, multimedia and circuitry - or bring your own passion and idea. You will be responsible for the complete design/build process, including working in teams, solving difficult problems, and presenting your finished project to the rest of the school.


Students will have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of playing one or two wind and brass instruments. Students will gain knowledge of technical skills on their instrument as well as the teamwork and cooperation required to play and participate in a band.  Music fundamentals such as melody, tempo, harmony, dynamics, balance, blend, intonation, and rhythm are the focus as the students learn to play a variety of music and a variety of musical styles. The students will also study music theory to enhance the knowledge that is required to effectively play their instrument. As the students progress, creativity and playing more than one instrument is encouraged. Students who choose this course will have Band for two Quarters and rotate through two of the other CTF Core courses.

CTF Full Day Friday Courses

These option courses run in the afternoons on our Full Day Fridays. Grade 7 and 8 students get to experience two of these options over the course of the school year, one per semester. 

Physical Literacy and Outdoor Pursuits

Students in grade 7&8 will have opportunities to strengthen and challenge their physical literacy skills through experiencing a variety of outdoor, individual, and team activities. Experiences in nature will also help students to explore other dimensions of wellness, including emotional, mental, and social well-being.

Mindfulness & Movement

Explore mindfulness through breathing, journaling, meditation, and movement. Anatomy will also be explored and connected to movement through yoga. Movement will stretch and strengthen with the focus being on the connection of the mind and body.

Media & Communications

Students will develop their broadcast media and literacy skills as they take on roles such as news anchors, videographers, news reporters, and editors to create a news broadcast for the school.


Students will be encouraged to think of themselves as artists. They will access their imaginations through drawing and painting while exploring the concepts of motion, passage of time, and using found objects to create a 3-dimensional effect in their work. Students will also be expected to speak about their art—since every piece will be individual and therefore unique, each student will be asked to explain the thoughts, feelings, processes, etc. that went into their finished products.  

French as a Second Language-

Learn how to communicate in the French language in a variety of settings: social, school and travel. Gain confidence in being able to socialize, speak and write in French while participating in fun activities that are centered in French culture. FSL will be offered to the students currently in the English program.


Be a Performer!  Drama is a place where you can come to play games, take risks, try on a new character, learn about public speaking, and discover yourself. You can develop your skills as a performer and theatre artist.

Game Strategy

Have you ever wondered how your favorite games are designed in order for you to win? In this option, you will learn how to play a variety of card games, board games, and computer games and then analyze the strategies behind them.

Fishing (and Ecology)

Students will explore angling basics and safety, aquatic ecology conservation, and environmental stewardship.