Inspiring Hearts and Minds

Grade 7/8 Complementary Courses

Grade 7 students will study all of these courses through the year for a Quarter each (about 10 weeks): 

Food Basics 7

Food Basics 7 is an introductory level CTS Foods course.  In Food Basics 7, students will acquire basic knowledge and skills related to cooking. Topics covered

  • Finding your way around the kitchen
  • Kitchen tools and equipment
  • Safety and sanitation in the kitchen
  • Making food choices according to Canada’s Food Guide to Healthy Eating
  • Planning, preparing, and evaluating basic foods.

Environmental and Outdoor Education

Through teamwork and hands-on activities students will develop skills to safely and technically recreate outdoors. Units of study include: Leave No trace, navigation, shelter building, outdoor cooking and first aid. Coursework will be a combination of indoor and outdoor lessons. It is expected that students come to class prepared to be outside for every class. 

Construction Technology 7

Box it up! Introduction to Tools and Materials
Grade 7 students will develop basic hand tool processes and learn design theory that will allow them to complete a simple wood box, plastic keychain and pen set. Introduction to the safe operation and use of some woodworking machines will also be done.  If time permits, students will be able to build on their knowledge to work on more advanced pre-approved wood and plastic projects.


Grade 7 students will be encouraged to think of themselves as artists. They will access their imaginations through drawing and painting while exploring the concepts of motion, passage of time, and using found objects to create a 3-dimensional effect in their work. Students will also be expected to speak about their art—since every piece will be individual and therefore unique, each student will be asked to explain the thoughts, feelings, processes, etc. that went into their finished products.  


Students discover the impact of the media and develop fundamental skills to relay a message effectively using various forms of media; e.g., photography, print, Web and audio or video production.


Students will gain first hand experience starting their own business. They will work through the process of business planning, creation of a product and accounting. The course will finish with a market during which students will sell their wares. Local entrepreneurs will give tips and lessons along the way. 

Makerspace and Design Thinking

Design, build and test your own project from start to finish in this challenging option with an emphasis on hands-on and high-tech. Choose from existing projects in robotics, programming, computer graphics, 3D printing, multimedia and circuitry - or bring your own passion and idea. You will be responsible for the complete design/build process, including working in teams, solving difficult problems, and presenting your finished project to the rest of the school.


Students will have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of playing one or two wind and brass instruments. Students will gain knowledge of technical skills on their instrument as well as the teamwork and cooperation required to play and participate in a band.  Music fundamentals such as melody, tempo, harmony, dynamics, balance, blend, intonation, and rhythm are the focus as the students learn to play a variety of music and a variety of musical styles. The students will also study music theory to enhance the knowledge that is required to effectively play their instrument. As the students progress, creativity and playing more than one instrument is encouraged.

French as a Second Language-

French as a Second Language (FSL) course offers students important cultural, linguistic, career development opportunities and precedes post-secondary language studies.  FSL will be offered to the students currently in the English program via Duolingo, an online credible and engaging courses.


This course consists of learning compositions, light and the “making” of an image. Students will use their phone to unlock its potential. We will cover different types of photography such as portraiture, action and landscape. Basic image editing will be taught if time permits. Each quarter course will have a theme of the four seasons in order to capture the seasonal change occurring and the different ways light plays a role in photography through the year.