1:1 Learning at Lawrence Grassi School

1:1 Learning at Lawrence Grassi Middle

Chromebook  Agreement

Bring your own device (BYOD) refers to technology models where students bring a personally owned device to school for the purpose of learning. According to Alberta Education, in ‘Bring Your Own Device: A Guide For Schools’ (2012):

Combined with the right pedagogy and used responsibly, technologies in learning can serve as:

  1. The means for students to pursue lines of inquiry and interest in the academic disciplines and beyond.
  2. The opportunity for learners to collaborate with teachers and peers and to express themselves and their ideas most effectively.
  3. A vehicle for personalizing learning in ways that ensure each student is fully engaged in learning and is successful in attaining established learning standards.                                 
  4. Opportunities for student choice in the use of multimedia to explore, research, think, synthesize, analyze, evaluate, communicate and express ideas in high quality products.
  5. A platform and forum for students’ voices.
  6. Access to digital content and digital learning environments that provide multiple pathways to learning.
  7. Connections locally and globally that add authenticity to school work. This enables students to learn while pursuing real-world issues and topics of deep interest to them, both individually and collectively, within their communities of interest and beyond.
  8. Platforms from which to learn about and attain high standards in digital citizenship.
  9. Opportunities for students to construct ideas, opinions, arguments and evidence-based reasoning collaboratively.      

Within Canadian Rockies Public Schools the infusion of technology in learning continues to be embedded and developed at the district and school level.  Our partnership with the Galileo Network from the University of Calgary focuses on collaboration with teaching staff and administration in furthering the pedagogy and use of technology in learning.  At Lawrence Grassi Middle School we are excited and committed to offering students learning experiences that reflect the world around them and the world they will lead in the future.                                                                                                  

If you are unable to send your child with their own device, we are offering a loan option. Please refer to the information and contract on the following page.


Agreement Form for Chromebooks at Lawrence Grassi Middle School


Students who require a Chromebook from LGMS will adhere to the following school expectations:


  • Students and parents will sign and agree to the school expectations for safe, responsible use
  • Students will be individually assigned a LGMS Chromebook
  • Students will use the Chromebook for educational purposes during class time
  • Students will return the Chromebook to a designated space in their homeroom at lunch and afterschool
  • Students will be responsible for ensuring their Chromebook is charged daily
  • Students will be responsible for the care and overall state of their individually assigned Chromebook
  • Students will be responsible for the loss or damage of their Chromebook up to the maximum cost for replacing the laptop ($300)
  • Students will return their Chromebook to the main office on June 30th, 2016


If you require a Chromebook from Lawrence Grassi Middle School please sign and return this contract to the main office by Thursday September 3rd, 2015.


                                                                                                                                                                Student Name:______________       Student Signature:_______________      Date:_______


ParentName:_______________        Parent Signature:________________      Date:_______



Parent Name:_______________       Parent Signature:________________      Date:_______        


If you have any questions please contact Nadine Trottier, Principal or Craig Kestle, Assistant Principal at

(403) 678-6006.