Lawrence Grassi Middle School Sharing en-us Wed, 20 Mar 2019 06:23:06 MDT Breeze for Teachers 5.0 Cross Country program with grade 7 and 8 This is a photo of the awesome Xc nordic program we have going on right now with our grade 7 and 8 classes. Bullying Video SCHOOL GARDEN Our students have been busy working in our school garden.  Look how hard they are working!  It is coming along nicely, thanks to their help and the assistance of volunteers and teachers. ZAP presentation The students enjoyed the ZAP!! presentation that comes to our school every two years from Fortis to help them learn about electricity safety. MATH Ms. Hauck's grade 5 students created 'Personal Pictured Palatial Polyhedron Palaces'  in  our 2D-3D Geometry unit. BUS DRIVERS Thanking our bus drivers for all that they do!!! Science: Catapult Our Grade 8 students built their own catapult as part of their science unit and tested them last week.  Some could launch a projectile at a great distance.  This hands-on activity truly reflects the Teaching Effectiveness Framework teachers are working with to design worthwhile activities for their students, bravo! Look Inside