Lawrence Grassi Middle School Instructional Excellence en-us Thu, 21 Feb 2019 20:05:30 MST Breeze for Teachers 5.0 Dialogue on Transforming Teaching Practice Christopher MacPhee - Superintendent  Dialogue on Transforming Teaching Practice  On Friday November 21st Canadian Rockies Public Schools was one of three school divisions requested to participate in a panel presentation and discussion on Leadership Practices to the Deputy Minister of Education in Edmonton. The session was titled A Deputy Minister Dialogue on Transforming Teaching Practice. In attendance were many Alberta Education officials, local university Dean’s of Education and the presidents of both Alberta School Board andPublic School Board Associations as well as the Executive Director of the Alberta Teachers Association. CRPS has been engaged in a research project with the University of Calgary researcher, Dr. Jim Brandon and Candace Saar from the Galileo Network. This research is gaining a level of notoriety in the provincial education circles. The work encompasses all principals and teachers within the organization focusing on teaching beliefs and continued development of excellence in teaching practices. Principals are focusing their work on the Professional Practice Competencies for School Leaders and working on three levels of shared leadership which support a cultural shift in how they work with teachers in a collaborative model to improve teaching practice. We are Nurturing a Culture of Excellence in Instruction and Leadership to engage students of the 21st century and improve their achievement, a product of Inspiring hearts and Minds. Please visit Excellence Excellence Teaching Effectiveness Framework As teachers in our school division strive for instructional excellence, the document called Teaching Effectiveness Framework is a useful document to consult when designing lessons that engage our student in authentic tasks.  The document also aligns with the new Ministerial Order.  Please consult the document for more details. Clcik here to download the document. Excellence Excellence